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Institutional Development Plan



Panchayat Samiti Degree College,Budhapal

The IDP prepared will contain a description of measures for sustainably beyond this period.

The IDP will be a living document, evolving as the strategic planning capacity of the institution increases. The indicators and targets, however, will be agreed in an MOU between the Department of Higher Education and the institution. These can only be amended with the Department of Higher Education’s consent.

The section titled ‘Baseline Data’ specifies the sources of data to be used for each table. Data on any variable contained in these tables shall be drawn from the same source when it appears in any other part of the IDP.

IDP implementation grants will be awarded based on required by the Institution and concurred by the PMU, Department of Higher Education. Approved IDPs will be published on the institution’s website. 7. The institution will be responsible for reporting to the Department of Higher Education on IDP implementation and progress against targets.


Our Events


Collage Campus, Budhapal

Annual function of our college in our PSD collage Campus

19 December

Dept. Of Higher Education

Career Counselling Meeting under Odisha Higher education Programme for excellence & Equity

28 Dec

Collage Campus, Budhapal

A meeting to discuss regarding IDP plan prepared to the Dept of Higher Education.

30 Dec

Collage Campus, Budhapal

A Self Defence Programme Held at the College Premises for our Students.

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