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Environmental Management

environmental management


Concept of Environmental Management:


The ecological balance and ecosystem stability are duly maintained by the nature itself but the emergence of modern industrial era has disturbed the ecological balance through heavy industrialization, technological revolution, faster growth of means of transportation, rapacious exploitation of resources, unplanned urbanization etc..

In other words, the anthropogenic activities of modern ‘economic and technological’ man have disturbed the harmonious relationships between the environment and human beings. Environmental management is thus, the process to improve the relationship between the human beings and environment which may be achieved through check on destructive activities of man, conservation, protection, regulation and regeneration of nature.

The process, environmental management is related to the rational adjustment of man with nature involving judicious exploitation and utilization of natural resources without disturbing the ecosystem balance and ecosystem equilibrium.

If the natural resources are overexploited, it will affect socio-economic development of a nation. Thus, environmental management must take into consideration the ecological principles and socioeconomic needs of the society i.e., it involves socio economic developments on one hand and maintenance of environmental quality on other hand.